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🙏 Graph Builder: support more than 2 'Color' columns

1) What inspired this wish list request? 

☑ cool new feature
☐ could help many users!

☐ removes a „bug“

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it




In GraphBuilder, one can drag a column onto the Color drop zone to use different colors for the individual items in the column - or to apply a color gradient depending on the values of this column.


By dragging 2 columns into the color drop zone, one can provide 2 columns -and then later specify via the variables list which of the two columns to choose.
This makes it possible to apply independent color settings to different subplots, like in Graph Builder - subplot with different color settings? 


Unfortunately, it's not possible to use more than 2 colors


2) What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Please allow Jmp to use more than 2 columns in the Color drop zone.


3) Why is this idea important?

It's possible to get up to 3 colors into the color drop zone, but the 3rd color doesn't work.

It's there, it seems to work, but it doesn't do what it should do.

The below code intentionally uses sex twice as color (1. and 3. entry).

This is not the reason why it doesn't work - it just helps to illustrate the issue.


A comparison of the top and bottom plot shows that the top plot (which uses the third color column) has wrong colors (no blue points, the points are red)

In different examples, the second color column was used instead of the third one.







Names Default to Here(1);
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
Graph Builder(
	Show Control Panel( 0 ),
		X( :height ),
		Y( :weight ),
		Y( :weight ),
		Y( :weight ),
		Color( :sex ),
		Color( :weight ),
		Color( :sex )
	Elements( Position( 1, 1 ), Points( X, Y, Color( 3 ) ) ),
	Elements( Position( 1, 2 ), Points( X, Y, Color( 2 ) ) ),
	Elements( Position( 1, 3 ), Points( X, Y, Color( 1 ) ) )





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Level XI

Related wish: Graph Builder - Overlay by multiple columns  

(overlay instead of color)

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Not Planned For Now

Hey @hogi! This is not currently a high priority item given the backlog and other projects we are working on, and it will likely not be simple to address. Moving to Not Planned for Now, we can revisit if there are additional requests for this functionality. 

Level XI

wow, that's tough!

Via JSL it's already possible to use up to N=3 columns as "colors".

but Graph builder doesn't use them.


one of the lowest hanging fruits ...