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Graph Builder: Summary Statistics for Smoother (💚)

☑ cool new feature
☑ could help many users!

☐ removes a „bug“

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it


➜ Jmp18


What inspired this wish list request? 

Many of the plot types in Graph Builder have the option to apply a summary statistics before displaying the data, but Smoother doesn't have this feature.

Therefore, the Smoother data can deviate a lot from what is plotted as Points or Line.



What is the improvement you would like to see

Please add the functionality of Summary Statistics also to Smoother.


Why is this idea important?

With the possibility to use a summary statistics for Smoother, it will be much easier to plot such curves and to get the smoother aligned to what the other plot types display. At the moment, the user has to re-program the functionality of Summary Statistics via Column formulas to preprocess the data to use it with Smoother.




Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
Graph Builder(
	Size( 535, 458 ),
	Show Control Panel( 0 ),
	Summary Statistic( "Median" ),
	Graph Spacing( 4 ),
	Variables( X( :age ), Y( :height ) ),
		Points( X, Y, Legend( 5 ), Summary Statistic( "Min" ) ),
		Smoother( X, Y, Legend( 6 ) ),
		Line( X, Y, Legend( 7 ), Summary Statistic( "Min" ) )





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Status changed to: Delivered