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Formalize/Improve the Model Classification Explorere Add-In created by Tarek Zikry

I downloaded and ran Tarek's Model Classification Explorer Add-In that he created as a JMP Intern with @KarenC and @mia_stephens


This is a great add-in for nominal logistic regression for holdout data so that we can apply the logistic equation to the holdout set in its own data file. It's important for a team lead on a modeling project to keep a holdout set under lock-and-key, so being able to grab it (once you think you have the best model of course!) and upload as a new JMP data file and then apply the function from our other file, and explore the performance measures, confusion matrices and ROC curves.


HOWEVER, I have had this add-in freeze on me and/or take a very long time (even with small data sets). Yes, it works on some sample data set (Diabetes, Donuts), but in the real world using real data we need to understand how to format it and input it.


* COULD YOU FORMALIZE THIS ADD-IN to function in JMP in the next version, as a platform or menu item? And maybe take some of the bugs out? And allow it to work on larger data sets?

Thank you!

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