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Extend Hover Label functionality to data tables

I am a big fan of the Event Handler functionality in data tables. It can be used to create popups attached to table cells. My problem is that there is no capacity to format these popups -- or to add rich text or other elements.

By comparison, the Hover Label functionality for graphs and reports has a lot of customization functionality. Could you extend the capabilities of hover labels to table cell popups invoked by column Event Handlers?

My particular use case is that I want to be able to pop up a little "mini-table" when I hover over a cell. This "mini-table" would show information from multiple rows in the same or a different table that had a one-to-many relation to the cell I'm hovering over.

I've attached a pair of tables that illustrate how this could work, and also why the existing formatting capabilities of Event Handler popups don't provide a visually satisfying popup appearance. Event Handler links in a column in Table A pop-up a "mini-table" showing data from multiple rows in Table B.


(I put this same request through as a beta request, and I'm attaching the tracking number to that here.)


Tracking Number: 7613143320

Defect ID: S1575944