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Export to CSV/TSV more options on number formatting

I regularly need to export some JMP tables into CSV or TSV format. My computer/Windows uses the typical German locale settings, e.g. comma as decimal separator instead of period. If I do not explicitly select "Use JMP language rather than System locale settings..." and settings the Display Language to "English", the CSV/TSV file will export numerical values as "3,14159" (including the quotation marks). This sort of export makes it difficult to import the file into other tools that prefer the typical format 3.14159 (period as decimal separator and not quotation marks).

It would be really helpful, if I could continue to use JMP with e.g. German user interface and also numbers expressed in the operating system's locale setting within JMP but having more options on exporting the data to avoid the above issues.



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Defect ID: S1560340

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For me, it would be also very helpful to have a parameter in the OPEN function to control the decimal separator!