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Expansion of the Measurement Systems Analysis section to include the 5 components of measurement error



I would like to see a dedicted area under "Quality & Process" which would offer different tools to detect the amount of measurement error associated with all 5 components of measurement error:






Reproducibility / Repeatability.


As a complete MSA is composed of all these components the current offering under Measurement Systems Analysis is misleading and incomplete.


The tools should cover also Attribute studies.

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Level III

I think most of them are there, but it is not always easy to find it.


  • I'd say Resolution can be found under the MSA platform in 'Effective Resolution'. If you're looking for specific outputs like ndc, the output in the MSA platform should enable you to calculate that.
  • Bias and Linearity show up in the Variability Chart platform, which seems like a primitive version of what the MSA platform ended up becoming. I do find it strange that a 'Standard' column shows up in Variability Chart, but not MSA. You could make a similar argument that attribute MSA should be in the MSA platform rather than Variability/Attribute Gauge Chart.
  • The various control charting platforms should help for Stability.
  • Reproducibility / Repeatability is in the MSA platform, although their Gauge R&R output is wrong. For some reason they don't include the Interaction variability as a part of the Reproducibility...they do in the Variability Chart output which is even more puzzling.

I think the easiest thing they could do in the MSA platform is to include the 'Standard' column so that Bias/Linearity can be incorporated. There should also be 100% agreement in output between multiple platforms, as they're based on the same models.

Level V

I was surprised by some of the comments being made above, so I had another look, and I believe my confusion stems from the two available "MSA Method"s within "Measurement Systems Analysis". The default setting is "EMP" which I never use, and I believe the user @jszarka is referring to that "MSA Method".

When choosing the "MSA Method" "Gauge R&R" in the Launch Window, there is a field for a "Standard" column, and when choosing "Model Type" "Crossed" Interactions are part of Reproducibility.

The default "MSA Method" can be changed in the main preferences.

The "MSA Method" "Gauge R&R" within "Measurement Systems Analysis" and the "Variability / Attribute Gauge Chart" appear to be closely related platforms as when relaunching a Gauge R&R from Measurement Systems Analysis one ends up in the Launch Window for Variability / Attribute Gauge Chart, which I find confusing.

What I'm missing is a traditional Type I study with cg and cgk output.