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Exclude csv data table columns on import

What inspired this wish list request? We produce extensive excel datatables with data. some of that data is trended in excel, and other is used specifically for analysis. For this we only use a few columns.



What is the improvement you would like to see? Exclude option on the JMP import wizard to ommit or delete columns from the final JMP datatable. OR, an "select columns to import" function



Why is this idea important? it is not critical since the columns can be deleted later or selected in excel and then use the excel add-in to import. It would make the work more intuitive and streamlined. I also noticed that the "datatable" JMP add-in in excel does not record to Workflow builder. So if I wanted to create a script for deleting columns, I would do it by selecting by hand since it is not possible to use the excel add in.