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Drag Markers: option to adjust the color (and shape?)

What inspired this wish list request? 

Interactivity in Graphs can be enhanced by adding Drag Markers to a plot.
then the user can interact with the plot by dragging the markers. This behavior is similar to LocatorPane in Mathematica.

Unfortunately, Drag Markers in Jmp just offer a restricted functionality compared to LocatorPane.
An example is the below screenshot from color of a Drag Marker? 
The Drag Marker is huge, but it's almost not visible.
Unlike the other Graph Box items (points, lines), a Drag Marker is always black and the user cannot change its color.



What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Please add a functionality to adjust the color of a Drag Marker.

Perhaps: also change the appearance of the maker from a point to crosshair.

By the way crosshair:
Did you know that Drag Markers disappear when a user hovers over them in crosshair mode?


Why is this idea important?

Drag Markers are such a great thing!
But sometimes a black marker has too little contrast to be used efficiently - especially as the user doesn't have a magnet to find the again.
This can be frustrating.

With the ability to adjust the color of a Drag Markers this issue will be gone





more wishes submitted by  hogi_2-1702196401638.png

Super User

Drag "Marker"...


I think you could do it currently with Handle() but its much more complicated (and even more so (if even possible) if you need multiple markers which can be dragged)

Names Default To Here(1);

img = New Image("");

win = New Window("marker",
	exx = 500,
	exy = 200;
	V List Box(
		Text Box("black marker hardly visible"),
		g = Graph Box(
			Framesize(600, 300),
			X Scale(0, 1000),
			Y Scale(0, 500),
				exx = x;
				exy = y;
			Marker Size(30);
			Marker(Color State("Red"), Matrix(exx), Matrix(exy));

imgBox = win[framebox( 1 )];
imgBox << AddImage( Image( img ), bounds( Left( 0 ), Right( 1000 ), top( 500 ), bottom( 0 ) ) );
imgSeg = imgBox << FindSeg( PictSeg( 1 ) );
imgSeg << lock( 1 );

Also increasing the size doesn't really make it more usable, as you still have to select it from the middle. Here is wish list item regarding Handle() about thatmake Handle in graphics script easier to click 

Level XI

@jthi thanks for the input.
Drag Marker have the same issue:

you have to click exactly the center - even if the marker is huge (like in the example in this post here)

Level XI

How about: just add a white circle around the black Drag Marker.
--> the best contrast that you can imagine.
Alternative: fill the center of the black circle with a white circle. Then also users with a white background will benefit from the style improvement.


Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you for this request, @hogi. We have documented this and will get back to you!