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Control Chart Builder for new drop zones of spec limits, control limit columns

For future Control Chart Builder enhancements in JMP15 or beyond. New drop zones for columns that contain multiple LSL, LCL, target, UCL, USL values.


Some users have to track multiple spec limits and control limits in a relational database, so columns are stored for LSL, LCL, target, UCL, USL. Would be nice to have drop zones on Control Chart Builder for these columns, instead of relying on the static Column Properties for Spec Limits and Control Limits. For example, in Graph Builder, we can drag these columns to the right axis, and change these to lines, while keeping the raw data on the left axis as points, which mimics a control chart with changing spec limits or control limits. Or if different limits, can use these drop zones and use the By button to plot by what changes, like process or product. In Control Chart Builder, can somewhat mimic by using the Phase drop zone for a column like target, if it changes, and then use a script to add the other lines.


These drop zones would have to override any Column Properties if there are conflicts, or make a warning. And you could not save these to the column properties, since they change vs. sequence.

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