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Continuous Variable Data Filter Controls

One change I don't like very much in JMP15 is the use of histogram based control for continuous data variables.  There are two aspects that I don't really like:

- the vertical reference lines for the upper and lower limit are difficult to select.  They present initial at the range of the histogram display, and mouse control is tricky to select them.  I find that I too often select the border of the display element and when I attempt to slide the control I actually resize the histogram display.

- It is not directly obvious that you can select the numeric value below the histogram for the upper and lower limit to change it.  The number display has no highlighting or border to indicate it is selectable or changeable.

- I miss the slider bar.  Please bring it back as an option, with our without the histogram display


Another thing I would like to see is to be able to easiy treat a continuous variable as categorical in the data filter.  For instance, in a DOE, the DOE factors are often at discrete levels on purpose, and if I want to filter the results of the table based on the DOE factors, I need to change the column modeling type to nominal or ordinal so that I can select discrete values.  Then I would need to later switch the column modeling type if I want to do modeling on the DOE results.   Often what I want to do is just select on level of one factor in the DOE, and doing that with the continuous data filter is clumsy.  Maybe a "discrete continous" filter could be added that allows choice of the discrete continous value(s) without having to change the modeling type.

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We're working on the mouse control for selecting the upper and lower limits. They should be better in JMP 16. We're also working on allowing a continuous column to be treated as discrete levels. This will be available in JMP 16 as well.


The edit-ability of the numbers is the same as JMP 14 and is intentionally not highlighted to keep the UI flat. 


You can turn off the histograms in the red triangle menu.

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