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Connection to Tableau data source

I am not sure if this applies to the vast community, but our company uses Tableau extensively and have many Tableau data sources.

It would great if we can connect a tableau data source as source instead of connecting directly to a server/database. It is useful for people in bigger corporations/ lower level analysts who cannot have access to the DBs directly but can use an existing tableau data source for analysis in JMP. 

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Although I haven't tried it yet with Tableau, there appears to be a REST Api for the Tableau Server.


JMP 14 has a JSL HTTP Request object that could help access your Tableau data.

I have used HTTP Request to connect to a wide variety of REST Api sources.

It may be more involved than what you are looking to do, but you might try it out.



Level II

With Tableau's release of the new Prep tool, I think this would be even more helpful because now there are fairly good ETL functions for Tableau and connecting to those with JMP would be a fantastic bridge.