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Combine EMP and Gauge R&R capabilities

There are aspects in the Measurement Systems Analysis which we like for both the EMP and Gauge R&R methods.

We would like the ability to access the other analysis when we are in either one.

For example, if we use the EMP approach, we do not have the ability to enter a "standard" column nor specifications.  So, we can't perform a linearity study and we can't calculate the precision to tolerance ratio.

If we use Gauge R&R, we don't have access to the good EMP output of effective resolution, shift detection profiler, and Wheeler's gage classification system.

Both approaches have good aspects, so we would like to be able to perform the analysis in both without having to run both platforms separately.




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Level III

Nice layout!

It's subtle, but worth noting that for the Gauge R&R results between the Variability Chart and MSA menus differ with how they incorporate the Interaction terms in crossed models to the Reproducibility portion. I like the output in Variability Chart more as it matches what I've seen most in the literature; in MSA they leave the Interaction as its own separate line item, not counting it towards the Reproducibility portion.