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CPK - Confidence level

When we have a distribution (normal or not normal), we can ask to JMP to calulate the CPK.

The output is "one specific number".

Could be useful to have not a number but a range (see the attached example).

Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards,





Level IV

Hello Simone

When you enter spec limits to a column and make a distribution, JMP automatically perform a process capability with Cpk and Ppk including the upper and lower CI.



Level IV

Dear Mauro,

thank you for the feedback.

One question: in JMP Menu, where can I found this menù?

I only found:


Thank you.

Best Regards,


Hi Simone,


The capability report with confidence intervals is within the Distribution platform starting with JMP 15.  However, you can get that report by using the Process Capability platform that has been in JMP since JMP 12.  For example, run the following script to see this report in Process Capability if you are using JMP 12 or later.


Names default to here(1);
dt = open("$SAMPLE_DATA\Semiconductor");

dt<<Process Capability(
	Process Variables( :NPN1 ),
	Moving Range Method( Average of Moving Ranges ),
	Individual Detail Reports( 1 ),
	Capability Box Plots( 0 ),
	Goal Plot( 0 ),
	Capability Index Plot( 0 ),
	Process Performance Plot( 0 )
Level IV

Dear Laura,

thank you for your explanation (appreciated).

Best Regards,


Community Manager
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