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Batch encrypt and decrypt



Could it be possible to implement a new function for encrypt and decrypt multiple files ?

A way to encrypt or decrypt multiple files which have the same password. Could be very interesting.





Super User (Alumni)

1000% yes. 


Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @guillaumebugnon, thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.

Level III

@Sarah-Sylvestre we are still very interesting with @guillaumebugnon about this feature. Can you please give details on the "consideration" of this request ? The function doesn't exist in JMP17, can we hope for it in JMP18? thanks.

Status changed to: Not Planned For Now

Hello @carole! After carefully researching this request, we have decided not to provide this in JMP for the foreseeable future. In order to ensure compliance with US export law and various import laws worldwide we do not plan to change or enhance the current encryption capability. We appreciate the interest here but it is not something we can take on in the current regulatory environment.

Level V



So, do you have recommandations to implement CI/CD with jmp?



Level III

Hello @Sarah-Sylvestre, thanks for the answer. Does it mean we should ask a topic on CI/CD  for jmp scripts that are encrypted ? Because it's the problem we encounter: it takes a very long time to manually encrypt a huge quantity of scripts to put in production. Thanks.

Level VI

All this does is take an existing functionality and allow me to script it instead of doing it with manual clicks. How is that going against export regulations, there is no new encryption functionality? If this really is not happening @Sarah-Sylvestre Could you share documentation on the method so that we might write an externally implementation of the encryption algorithm?

Thank you all for your comments. We understand this request and have no further comments at this time. I will update this wish if anything changes!