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Automatically open linked tables and remember referenced column hidden states

Two improvements to linked tables:

  1. Provide a method to automatically open linked tables when a data table opens.  Include some way to disable it (for large or missing linked tables).
  2. Remember which referenced columns are visible and unhide them automatically if the linked table is available.

Inspired by this post.



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Defect ID: S1562873

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the ability to open related data tables that are virtually joined has been added to JMP 15.  In the Column Info dialog associated with you Link Reference column, there is an option under the Reference Table selection area, that has a check box for "Auto Open".  If you select that and then save your tables, the next time you open your table, the associated linked table will open too. It opens hidden, in the background.  

There is also a check box to select "Use linked column name", and that will enable the linked columns using the shorter names, (meaning names without the [xxxx] included with them)

The ability to remember if you save a column as unHidden has not yet been added, so that is still a wish list item.