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Autoexecute style jsl

What inspired this wish list request? 

I parse a default environment with a jsl script in each of my scripts. Currently there is no concept of an autoexec style jsl script that can be automatically parsed before all jsl scripts to setup the environment. 


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Allow an autoexec style jsl file that is automatically parsed before all jsl scripts. It can potentially live in %appdata% folder for the installed version and may even be an extension of jmpKeywords.jsl. 


Why is this idea important? 

It will reduce the load for those of us who will use it to setup the environment (variables etc.). It will be benign to those who choose not to use it. 


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Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs Info

When you say that you want this script "automatically parsed before all jsl scripts" do you mean that it should run every time a user runs JSL from a script window? That could cause some difficulties and confusion for script authors. Can you elaborate some more on how you envision this working and what it's use would be?

Or, do you mean you just want some variables, namespaces, functions, etc. pre-assigned so that a user could leverage them in their own scripts? If so there are two options currently:

  1. Use JMPStart.jsl which is run each time JMP is launched. This is a fine option but it does require getting the file into the right place on each users machine and is limited to only one file.
  2. Create an add-in that runs your JSL in its start up script and does nothing more. This will let you create multiple add-ins each with their own set of variables, namespaces, functions, etc.

Let us know if these options are useful here.