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Allow secondary or alternate column names

Store alternate column names or attributes, be able to switch between those names in platforms and the data table, and easily view those names while hovering over the column name or points.


While moving through exploratory, modeling, and presentation phases of work it is helpful to name columns differently, for example depending on the audience and context a column could be represented as any of the following or more.  


  • Unit98765.Tag12345.SP
  • Feed Flow Controller Set Point
  • Feed Flow Controller Set Point (Unit98765.Tag12345.SP)
  • Feed Flow Controller Set Point (m3/s)

Especially while working in JMP with an audience (for example answering questions with ad-hoc analyses during a presentation) it is helpful to have as much info about columns accessible with as few clicks as possible, but these tools could speed up work for all users.   Common places this would be handy include these activities for data tables with hundreds or thousands of columns:


  • Search for columns when picking columns in graph builder, and verify the correct column was picked
  • Default names in graph builder
  • Column contribution, variable importance, and similar tables

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