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Add scriptable control for code folding markers to enable contraction and expansion

I would like to propose the ability to have scriptable control for code folding markers. This in my opinion would enable easier management of code. For e.g. 

SelectableMatrix = 
		ResMat = {}; 
		// loop through each row
		For( i = 1, i <= nR, i++, 
				ResMat[i] = {};
				// loop through each column getting values
				For( r = 1, r <= nC, r++,
						ResMat[i][r] = TB1[CheckBoxBox( r )] << get( i )
		ResMat = Matrix( ResMat );

The ability to then use actions like the following to contract and expand the code will make it easier to manage the code. 


SelectableMatrix << expand; 
SelectableMatrix << contract; 

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