Add option to set thickness of axis lines (JMP Pro 13, Macintosh)

Axis lines in previous JMP versions for overlay plots used to be fairly visible, black and thickness of 2, I recall. Now those axis lines (and tick marks) are gray and very thin. Official response to questions was that it was changed to focus more on what was graphed instead of the background frame/structure. Graphs are for communication, so easily visible axis lines are important. Per user suggestions, one work-around is add a reference line around 0 on x-axis (to draw on top of y-axis) and simliarly on y-axis (to draw on top of x-axis). That helps a little but does not help show tick marks and does not stay with the axis if one changes the axis range. Please fix this. Many of us now use JMP for presentation graphs and the default lines are way too faint to be useful. 

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