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Star Plot Script

This script creates star plots for a given data table. A star is drawn for each observation in the data set. Each spoke on the star represents a variable. The length of each spoke is proportional to the magnitude of the variable for that  observation relative to the maximum magnitude of the variable across all observations. Star plots are useful for determining which observations are similar. After running the script, you will be prompted to open a data table if one is not already open. Then a column dialog will appear that asks you to choose the columns you would like to plot. At least three columns must be specified. You may also choose a label column which will be used to label the stars. For example, try running this script with the candy bars data from the JMP sample data folder. Choose at least three columns for Y and choose Name as the label column.





This script is excellent, it's exactly what I was looking for. However, I was wondering if, instead of saving the graphs to one window, would it be possible to save each graph to an expression column in the original data table? That way I can see those plots as hover points when I do additional analysis such as PCA?




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