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Simple way to convert multiple .jmp files into .csv files (no modification) in 2 steps

Hi all, 


My daily work requires me to save many .jmp tables as .csv tables, which takes a lot of time if I use Save as function (can save each file only, need to answer repeated questions from JMP, need to choose directories for each file). I learned from JMP community and composed a simple script. Now it takes only 2 steps: 

Step 1: Open all .jmp tables you want to convert to .csv

Step 2: Run the script --> It will ask where you want to store the new .csv files --> Click OK. 

The picked directory will be opened with new .csv created; meanwhile, all .jmp data tables will be closed. 


That's it. Hope it help. 



Thanks a lot!!!!!

This is a very useful script!  I also need to output Excel files, so changed the file_path and openDTS[i] lines to


file_path = file_dir || one_name || ".csv"; //Use the copied name for the new .csv's name
file_pathE = file_dir || one_name || ".xls"; //Same root for new .xls file
openDTS[i] << Save( file_path ); //Save as csv files
openDTS[i] << Save( file_pathE ); // Save as Excel


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