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Scales Simulator

This script provides an simulator for a pair of scales that can be used interactively to perform measurements.

There are three unknown weights (red, green,blue).

Step 1: drag one or more of the unknown weights onto the scales:


Step 2: drag counter-weights onto the scales


Step 3: the goal is to determine the unknown weights by achieving balance.


This simulator has been used in a DOE workshop setting to contrast one-at-a-time experimentation versus multi-factor experimentation.

Based on principles of propagation of errors, you can show theoretically that making only 3 measurements involving all three unknown weights will have the same precision as 6 one-at-a-time measurements.

The intent of the simulator is to bring that theory to life.  Oh, and its fun, and it showcases some of the things you can achieve using MouseTrap events and graphics scripts.

This one minute video shows the script in action:

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