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Querying World Bank Data through HTTP Request

JMP intern Katherine Li developed this script to query CO2 levels from the World Bank. The World Bank does not require an API Key. This shows the usage of JMP's HTTP Request service. The World Bank includes some regional data that JMP does not understand, so you'll need to delete the top rows until and including "World". Then you can run the attached Graph Builder script to create a map with Column Switched data to allow you to examine changes over the years 1970-2016.


-Brian Corcoran



Recent NY Times article discusses climate change projections related to CO2 levels where researchers determined that there was less than a 5 percent chance of a temperature shift below two degrees, but a 6 to 18 percent chance of a higher temperature change than 4.5 degrees Celsius, or 8.1 degrees Fahrenheit.  NYT cited a July 222, 2029 paper, published on Wednesday in the journal Reviews of Geophysics.