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Loan Comparison Script using SAS PROC LOAN

Originally created for demonstration at the 2007 JMP User Conference, this script is intended as an example and not as a full-fledged loan comparison tool. Be sure you understand how it works and its limitations before relying on any information produced. It does not reflect the full capabilities or features of PROC LOAN.

This sample demonstrates:

    • Creating a JSL-based user interface
    • Generating SAS code for PROC LOAN
    • Connecting to a SAS workspace server and submitting code.
    • Importing data from SAS into a JMP data table.
    • Creating a JSL-based report window with summary table and


    • Requires a remote SAS workspace server with a valid SAS/ETS

For more information on SAS/ETS and PROC LOAN, check the SAS
OnlineDoc for v9.1.3. See pp 887 of SAS/ETS User's Guide - The LOAN Procedure

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