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Jul 26, 2013

JMP and MATLAB White Paper Sample Scripts

2018-04-06 Added a .zip file, which includes the journal, data sets and samples scripts, which can be run directly from JMP with a version of MATLAB installed.


These sample files are the .jsl and .m files referenced in the white paper: JMP Extensibility Synergy with MATLAB.



Extensibility is one of the hallmarks of JMP. Beginning with JMP 11, the provisions exist for integrating JMP with MATLAB. From JMP Scripting Language (JSL), you can send data from JMP to MATLAB, execute MATLAB functions, and return results from MATLAB to JMP for further analysis and visualization. This paper presents three case studies that apply this functionality. The examples shown illustrate functionality where JMP and MATLAB have features that do not overlap. In the first case, a MATLAB program is executed to transform data from the time to frequency domain and return the results to JMP. The second example shows how to design an experiment in JMP using the Custom Designer, run trials of a simulation model in MATLAB, and then return results for analysis and profiling in JMP. The third case uses a genetic algorithm in MATLAB to optimize a multidimensional objective space interactively from JMP.


Get the white paper here.





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