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JMP Pick A Winner Spinner

Update Aug. 25, 2015: I've replaced the script with a new one that allows you to add/remove spinners. It appears the earlier one that was posted was incorrectly edited and didn't work properly. -jeff.perkinson

Bill Worley billw@jmp sent me a spinner script that the SEs use to generate a random number from 1 to the number of people eligible to win something.  We use it to give away JMP books.  After you run the script, simply type the maximum number (How many People?).

9296_Spinner JSL.JPG

After you type the maximum number, the spinner pops up, you hit spin, and then the arrow lands on a number and the value on the spinner displays above the spinner.

9297_Spinner Window.JPG


I get an error message if I add a second spinner

Name Unresolved: avgBox in access or evaluation of 'avgBox' , avgBox/*###*/

Yes, happened to me using JMP 12, too.  The spinner does not allow you to add another spinner.  Any suggestions Bill?  I know you ran it twice, but perhaps you just relaunched the script rather than added another spinner?

Hi Gail,

I would like to say I know more about this script, but I too received it as a "gift".  I did run two separate spinners the other day because I have seen the same issue that you and Martin both experienced.



Jeff just updated the spinner.

Martin, the spinner is now updated and downloadable.

Yes, this works well now  - I see now I was a bit premature with my five star rating before I tested all the fnctionality!  It desreves one now - looking forward to using it in a workshop in a couple of weeks time!

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