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Instructions and Script for Automating Analysis with JSL

Power Point, JMP journal and associated files used by Byron Wingerd (Byron) in his November 2014 Mastering JMP webcast on Saving Time and Analyses with Basic JMP Scripting.  He covers how to use scripting to automate analysis and share reports, which is useful for projects with lots of detail and fairly simple data sets.  He covers the main steps:

1.     Open a table

2.     Calculate some statistics

3.     Get statistics from a report

4.     Get easy statistics

5.     Combine the data

6.     Generate figures

7.     Generate report document

8.     Embed updatable graph in MS Word document

.zip file includes these files:

7726_Wingerd Scripting Files.JPG


Thank you for the resources and clear explanations.

Thank you Byron - great presentation.

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