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Hypothesis Test for Population Proportion

​Hypothesis Testing for the Population Proportion. Illustrates the variability of the test statistic and the connection to Type I error rates and power rates for different null and alternative hypotheses. Includes controls for the population proportion, sample size, alpha level and number of samples.

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Note:  To access this script, install the add-in at Collection: Interactive Teaching Modules.  As of JMP 12 you can also run these modules from Help > Sample Data (under Teaching Resources >Teaching Scripts > Interactive Teaching Modules). In JMP 12 Student Edition, you can run these modules directly from Help > Teaching Demos.


Revision notes:

  • Aug 2015:  Corrected labeling issues in Hypothesis Test for Proportion, and changed the default for the continuity correction to "off".  Also, when the "Create Data Table" option is used the script now writes out both the test statistics and the p-values to the data table. 
  • Sep 2016:  Fixed an issue with the test statistic.  Added the feature to allow the user to specify the null hypothesis.  Fixed some scaling issues.

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