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How Often Does the 13th of the Month Fall on Friday?

As I submit this script it is the eve of the first Friday the 13th of the new year (2017). I wondered, "How often does the 13th of the month fall on a Friday?" I decided to compute the answer. Then I realized that the question had to be framed in the context of a particular span of time, so what about this century (2000-2099)?

The script is easy to use. Simply run the script and enter the values that frame your question. This picture shows the dialog with the entries that are appropriate for the question above:


It is a pretty simple, 'brute force' script, I know. Some of the scripting experts who help out in the JMP Community might be groaning over this one but I decides to submit it anyway.in the spirit of fun and the hope that, though simple, some of the techniques to make a dialog or getting the logic correct might help someone else.

Think about the original question and see if you can come up with the answer on your own before running the script to find out. No cheating, or you might fall prey to some bad luck tmorrow!


Nice example of a special purpose calculator.  

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