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May 30, 2014

Export to HTML with Pass/Fail Coloring

This script exports the data table to HTML setting the cell's background color based on a threshold value (2000). Green > 2000; Red <=2000.

Only cells in columns 3 and above are colored, but this number is commented in the script so it can easily be adjusted. The colors and threshold values are also marked with comments so they can be changed.

The output is sent to the log. To create an HTML file, copy the log output into a new HTML file. Open the file in a web browser.

This script is based on Export Data Table to HTML which was inspired by Export Data Table to MediaWiki format. I hope that it will at least partially answer how to save data table(colored cells) to html?.


thanks John!


Is it possible to save a data table as .html or .png?


Thanks in Advance!

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