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Export Data Table to HTML

The attached script can be used to write the contents of the current data table as text to the log in HTML format.

Just copy the text into a new HTML document and view it with a web browser. It should look something like this:


I updated the script to handle larger tables and save to a temporary text file(*.html ) rather than write to the log.

I was inspired by Craige@JMP  comments in Capturing the log file during a non interactive JMP script session​ and his blogs: Fast List​ and Progress Bar.


I fixed a problem with Date columns not rendering well. Unfortunately, my fix uses a JSL API only supported in JMP 12 and above. If there's interest, I'll work on an update that also runs in JMP 11.


I also gave the output a facelift with some simple styling. Here's the table as a web page with the cursor hovering over the third row:


Craige asked if I could make the header row "sticky" like it is in JMP. Since it looked like a little more work than I was willing to take on in my spare time, I decided to provide hover labels instead. So when you scroll way down, you can still tell what column a cell belongs to by hovering over the cell. There are two different hover label implementations in the script. The one that is not commented out minimizes file size and exports faster, by running a bit of JavaScript when the page loads.

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