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Demonstrate Regression Diagnostics

This script creates an extensive report of information about a multiple regression. Much of the information is presented graphically but much of it is also numeric.

Simply open the data table with the regression sample, then open and run this script. This example uses the Fitness data table from the Sample Data folder.

6744_diag dialog.PNG

The default options will include an intercept term and neither center nor scale the predictor variables. Click OK.

6745_diag graphs.png

There are many diagnostic plots included in the upper portion of the report.

6746_diag numerics.PNG
All of the outlines but the last are closed for an overview of the report. The numeric results appear after the plots.

The open outline at the bottom provides statistics about every row in the data table. Not all rows and columns are visible for the sake of space here.

Note that this script does not provide a way to transform predictors, so interaction and powers must be made with new columns in the data table before running the script.

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