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Census Data Import Example via HTTP Request

JMP intern Katherine Li developed this script to read in public census data tables.  You can extend this script to read in whatever updated census information that you'd like.  This particular example loads data from the American Community Survey of demographics that is done every 10 years.


You will need an API key from the Census Bureau to run this sample. 


Also, there is a JSON file included that must be installed with the JSL script. Due to limitations with the Community upload, please remove the ".jsl" extension from that particular file so it is named dec_variables.json.


You will need to pick a variable or variables of interest out of that file and put those into the JSL to import the data.  So, for "Population in Households by Age" you would specify the group "P16" in the line below:

query["get"] = "NAME,group(P16)"; // Insert group label is found in variables file


-Brian Corcoran