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Visualizing the James Webb Space Telescope in JMP

Hi Everyone, 


The James Webb Space Telescope not only fascinates me, but it helped bring about an important career change for me. As a visualization/graphics software developer and space fan, I had the opportunity to work on a contract to help NASA Langley Research Center build a virtual reality, scientific visualization system to study things like the effects of space on a new generation of space telescope. To take this opportunity, I gave up a prominent position in a very successful software development company in Canada and uprooted my very young family to move to Raleigh, North Carolina.


Several years later, the Next Generation Space Telescope was eventually renamed the James Webb Space Telescope, but it still had a long way to go before this past week, when it finally launched into space. I was thrilled by the long awaited event and thought I could somehow use JMP to commemorate the occasion. So I created a fictitious data set and "visualized" it with a hexagonal heatmap. 




I  hope you enjoy it.



Thanks for sharing, John. As I fellow space fan, I appreciate this!

Nice ;)