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Using JMP to Optimize Agricultural Production - Follow On Exercise

JMP has many capabilities to analyze and improve results in agricultural production. On 8/19/20, there was an introductory session that covered the basics including getting data into JMP, performing visual and exploratory data analysis, building models and predicting results. Designing experiments in JMP, including split plot designs, was also discussed along with how to analyze these experiments using mixed models. Analysis techniques for survival data was also discussed.


If you would like to watch a video recording of this event, see the link below. This video includes captioning in English, Portuguese and Spanish.  See the attached PNG file for instructions to enable captioning with language translation.  This is a new feature we are trying and would appreciate feedback on how helpful this feature is to our Portuguese and Spanish speaking customers.


Video Playback 


Participants were encouraged to exercise what was learned from the event by completing a follow on exercise.  The details of the follow on exercise are shown in the attached PDF document.  The exercises can be completed using example data on soybean production in Latin America and this JMP table is also attached.


If you would like to attend a short 15 minute Zoom call to see how to complete the exercise using JMP, see the meeting information below.  This information is also included in the exercise document.


Meeting Date: 9/2/20

Meeting Time: 3:00PM to 3:15PM, EST Time (GMT-5)

Join Zoom Meeting Using:


Video Playback of the Solution to the Exercise