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Level II

Files for Montgomery's Introduction to Statistical Quality Control: A JMP® Companion

Montgomery Companion cover.jpgThese files accompany the exercises in Chapters 3-9 of the SAS Press book,Douglas Montgomery's Introduction to Statistical Quality Control: A JMP® Companion, by Brenda S. Ramirez , M.S. and Jose G. Ramirez , Ph.D., Copyright October 2018.


Using examples from the popular textbook by Douglas Montgomery, Douglas Montgomery’s Introduction to Statistical Quality Control: A JMP® Companion demonstrates the powerful Statistical Quality Control (SQC) tools found in JMP. Geared toward students and practitioners of SQC who are using these techniques to monitor and improve products and processes, this companion provides step-by-step instructions on how to use JMP to generate the output and solutions found in Montgomery’s book.


The authors combine their many years of experience as passionate practitioners of SQC and their expertise using JMP to highlight the recent advances in JMP’s Analyze menu, and in particular, Quality and Process.


Key JMP platforms include:

  • Control Chart Builder
  • CUSUM Control Chart
  • Control Chart (XBar, IR, P, NP, C, U, UWMA, EWMA, CUSUM)
  • Process Screening
  • Process Capability
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Time Series
  • Multivariate Control Chart
  • Multivariate and Principal Components
  • Distribution



Chapter 1: Using This Book

Chapter 2: Overview of Statistical Quality Control Topics and JMP

Chapter 3: Control Charts for Variables

Chapter 4: Control Charts for Attributes

Chapter 5: Process and Measurement System Capability Analysis

Chapter 6: Process Health Assessment

Chapter 7: Cumulative Sum and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts

Chapter 8: Other Univariate Statistical Process Monitoring and Control

Chapter 9: Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control