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Custom Map Shape Files for the Departments and Cities of Colombia

Here are custom map shape files for the Departments and Cities of Colombia.  To make these files available for whenever you want to build a geographic map, copy the and files to the directory shown below.


  • On Windows: C:/Users/<user name>/AppData/Roaming/SAS/JMP/Maps
  • On macOS: /Users/<user name>/Library/Application Support/JMP/Maps


Also included in the ZIP file is a demonstration JMP data table.  This data table has an embedded script that will generate a geographic map of Colombia.


Note that city names in Colombia are not all unique across the entire country.  For example, there are 4 cities called Buenavista.  JMP expects the reference to the map shape to be in the format of "City, Department", e.g., "Buenavista, Cordoba" or "Buenavista, Sucre".


For more information about custom map shape files, search for the topic “Custom Map Files” in JMP Help.


Colombia Population by Department.PNG

Colombia Population by City.PNG