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Belgium Shape files
Staff (Retired)

I created the JMP shape files for the Belgium Provinces and cities. Since JMP Discovery Summit in Brussels is coming up I thought they might be useful. For JMP to find these files automatically you can place them in your maps directory.  Additional information about where to place the files can be found in the JMP documentation.


JMP Shape files for Belgium cities are being updated in 2020 for several reasons. 

1.  In 2019 there were some towns that merged.  In some cases the name of the larger town was used, and in some cases a new name was used.  The new shape files have appropriately merged the towns and linked with the correct names.


2.  There were some names in the original file that were truncated to 15 characters.  


3.  This shape file now accounts for the use of different regional languages specifically French, Dutch, German and bilingual (in Brussels).


Reference for shape file: