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Smoother element in graph builder

I have a queation wrt one of the function in graph builder. To the left of the graph itself there is an option to use the smoother element.

According to the help function the smoother element  shows a smooth curve through the data. The smoother is a cubic spline with a default lambda of 0.05 and standardized X values. However, it appears to me (example below) that it is not only smoothing the lines. For example, looking at the attached example when the lambda slider is to the far left the dark blue line "arches up" and when the slider is to the far right the dark blue line "arches down". It appears that the lines do not cross the same data points in the two scenarios. This significantly changes the visual appearance and the way the data is interpreted.

So how does the slider change the output?





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Re: Smoother element in graph builder

Hi Julie.
Could you share the dataset that you are using?


Christian Flojgaard
MSc Eng.
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