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JMP Clinical versus SAS LSAF

I am trying to get a big picture understanding of data analysis and statistical analysis for clinical trials. I've been told that SAS LSAF (Life Science Analytics Framework) is more expensive, robust, and requires more statistical background than JMP Clinical.


Can anyone clarify (in a general way) if there are any limitations with JMP Clinical where we would want/need to use SAS LSAF instead with respect to the various phases of getting a drug or medical device FDA approved (Pre-clinical trials, clinical trials, submitting clinical data needs for approval before bringing the drug to market, etc).


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Re: JMP Clinical versus SAS LSAF

LSAF is more a repository and Stats Computing Environment where you store and run programs from. JMP Clinical is a tool to generate analyses, visualisations, narratives etc but with no framework around it for versioning etc. Two totally different things.
Ali - d-wise

Re: JMP Clinical versus SAS LSAF

Thanks @ali_dootson for the response.


I concur and agree with Ali's response and it is accurate.  If you want to know more about JMP Clinical, you can private message me if you like or contact me directly.



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Re: JMP Clinical versus SAS LSAF

Thanks Ali and Chris.


Here are the links to the two products:


JMP Clinical


SAS Life Sciences Analytical Framework


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