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Local data filter comes to Graph Builder for iPad

JMP 11 will be released on Sept. 10, and with that we will be launching a new version of Graph Builder for the iPad. The highlight of this release is the addition of the local data filter.

The local data filter was introduced in JMP 10, and since then it has been the most common feature request from users of the iPad app. The data filter allows you to filter on both continuous and categorical data.

Similar to editing a graph, when you filter on a graph, all of the data table columns will appear on the left. Tapping on a column will add that column to the local data filter (as indicated by the orange dot to the left of the name). On the iPad, the local data filter is always in conditional mode, which allows you to rearrange your filters in a hierarchy by dragging on the drag bar. Click the images in this post to see enlarged versions.

As shown in the picture above, the range slider will allow you to change the continuous values being filtered. Dragging the left slider will set the low value filtered, and dragging the right slider will set the high value filtered. In addition, you can drag to blue bar to change both the low and the high values at the same time.

Tapping on a column with an analysis type of ordinal or nominal will bring up the categorical filter. The categorical filter allows you to select multiple items and quickly preview each item by tapping on the arrows. This is shown below.


In addition to the local data filter, this update to the app will contain the following new features:

• More graphs have enhanced color support.

• The Magnifier tool now provides more informative tips.

• New and interesting sample data tables are provided for you to explore.

We hope you've been using the app since it came out. But if you haven’t already downloaded it, get it now from App Store for free. That way, you will receive a notification on Sept. 10 after the update has been released and can try out the local data filter and the other new features for yourself.

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Mike Clayton wrote:

Please move this tool to more-used OS like Android phones and pads, and upcoming ChromeOS pads, at least as pilot test. HTML5 should help I would think.