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If you learn one thing at Discovery Summit, you aren’t paying attention

Heath Rushing of Adsurgo presents a breakout talk on text analytics at Discovery Summit 2016 at SAS headquarters.Heath Rushing of Adsurgo presents a breakout talk on text analytics at Discovery Summit 2016 at SAS headquarters.We once heard a Discovery Summit attendee say, “If you only learn one thing at Discovery, you aren’t paying attention.”

It’s true, at Discovery Summit there are learning opportunities at every turn. We host the next summit in St. Louis, Oct. 17-20, for anyone who is curious enough to learn more about data analysis and visualization.

Breakout sessions, led by JMP users who have solved real problems with the software, are often cited as the primary reason for attending the conference. This year, you’ll hear speakers from such notable organizations as General Electric, Syngenta, the US Army, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Corning, Elanco, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The topics vary, and you can review the abstracts to see what piques your interest. Talks are labeled by topic and level of difficulty to help you determine which sessions are a good fit for you.

You can also arrive early or stay late for additional learning opportunities in the form of training or tutorials.

Training courses, led by SAS Education instructors, are an interactive learning experience with lectures, software demonstrations, Q&A and hands-on computer workshops. Topics include:

  • Finding Important Predictors
    This course will premiere at the conference.
  • Modern Screening Designs
  • Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language
  • Advanced JMP Scripting Panel Discussion

Tutorials, led by JMP developers and members of the technical staff, are a great way to learn about some of the core tenets of JMP and see the software in action. Topics include:

  • Using JSL to Develop Efficient, Robust Applications
  • Variable Selection Made Easy Using the Generalized Regression Platform in JMP Pro
  • Reliability Analysis Using JMP 13
  • Wrangling All Your Data With Query Builder in JMP 13
  • Fitting Definitive Screening Designs (DSDs), Taking Advantage of Their Structure
  • Exploiting the Formula Editor in JMP 13
  • Creating Effective Visualizations Using Graph Builder
  • The Essential Modeling Strategies and Techniques of JMP Pro Made Easy
  • Integrated Process Improvement Using the Second-Generation Quality Tools in JMP
  • Building Dashboards and Applications
  • Sharing the Ultimate Boon: A Journey From Modeling to Scoring
  • Case Studies in Data Visualization for Analysis

Of course, there are also informal ways to learn, during hallway conversations and interactions at evening events. If you have questions about the conference, please leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you with a reply!

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