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Window Manager

This add-in allows you to easily manage your open JMP windows whether you use Windows or Mac.

   - You can hide, show, minimize, or close your JMP windows.

   - You can act on multiple windows at once.

   - You can sort and filter the list of windows shown in the window manager.


Very useful utility, particularly on Mac where the functionality in the Home window isn't quite as rich. I use it to quickly and easily clean up my desktop.

I get an error when trying to install this Add-In.  The error I receive is "Unable to install JMP Add-In - no addin.def file was found in the root of the .jmpaddin file."  Can anyone explain why?  Thanks!

Thanks for the addin! I look forward to giving it a try. I frequently end up with 5-10 files open per project and dozens of graphs. Sometimes I need to switch between projects in the middle of my analysis. Any suggestions on how to use this addin with the projects platform?

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