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View JMP Genomics Workflow result in JMP add-ins

Hi All,

UPDATE! Fixed a few items that prevented ANOVA results from opening. Also added a new add-in.

For those of you who are looking to view JMP Genomics Workflow or non-Workflow results in JMP/JMP Pro, this set of add-ins should help.

There are 3 add-ins:


The first (journal builder) can be used to create a journal from individually run analyses/processes from JMP Genomics and then view the results within JMP/JMP Pro. One only needs to point to the folder of where the JMP Genomic result files are located.

The second (generator) can be installed on JMP, JMP Pro, JMP Genomics or JMP Clinical. You specify a folder where one previously created a JMP Journal from a JMP Genomics Workflow and the JMPGREV file you want to create. A JMPGREV is a ZIP file that contains everything that is needed to render the output of that Journal.

The third (viewer) cannot live on a JMP Genomics or JMP Clinical install. It must go on a JMP or JMP Pro installation. The viewer simply enables one to select a previously created JMPGREV file and shows the results. Most of the options that won't work without JMP Genomics will give a dialog stating such. However, there may be places that couldn't easily be overridden/extracted and in those cases there may be uglier errors. These should be few and far between.

These add-ins work on JMP /JMP Pro 17 on Windows. If you have issues, please leave comments to this post.

Thanks to Drew Foglia and Luciano Silva for working on these add-ins

Happy viewing!