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Univariate Binning using the Normal Mixtures Distribution

This is a "re-upload" of an add-in I had placed on the previous JMP File Exchange. 

I allows you to create a binned version of a variable based on clustering rows, using the Univariate Normal Mixtures Distribution.  Note that this treats columns one-at-a-time, and doesn't use multivariate clustering to assign the rows to bins. 

See the blog post "Is your data too precise?" for where this was originally presented and used.


Hi, does this add-in support JMP 15?(not pro)

I downloaded and installed, it seems like this is not working.

Hello SAS/JMP/Community, it would be nice if we could fix this add-in for JMP 15. It is a great add-in idea and will be tremendously useful. However it did not work on my JMP 15 as well.