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Top N Pareto Front Search for Structured Decision-Making
Level III

This is an Add-In to facilitate a decision-making process where multiple criteria are considered. The method uses layered Pareto Fronts to reduce the number of choices from which to choose and also allows users prioritize their objectives through the use of several graphs. A guide, containing an example, for the Add-In is attached. A help-document is also available through the Add-In itself.


Main Objective:

There are many situations where we are interested in several optimal solutions, not just one. These types of decisions may fall into one of two scenarios:

  1. Decision-makers want to identify the best N solutions to accomplish a goal or specific task, or
  2. a decision is evaluated based on several primary, quantitative objectives along with secondary, qualitative priorities.

In this second scenario, we identify several contending solutions (and eliminate non-contenders) using the primary, quantitative objectives. We then use the secondary, qualitative objectives to make the final decision. A structured approach to making the decision is beneficial to eliminate non-contenders and incorporate the decision-makers' priorities to ameka final decision.





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