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Table Portion

A Table Portion is a named set of cells in a table. Cells not in the Table Portion are hidden and excluded.

The addin first installs in the Add-Ins option of JMP menu.

A new Table Portion is defined by selecting rows and columns of the table and then running the script. Simply give it a name in the dialog box. All rows and columns but the selected ones will become hidden and excluded.

The script dialog remains open, unless the user decides to close it, in which case the whole table is displayed. After first use, a table script 'Table Portion' appears on top of the table panel. Running this script re-opens the dialog.

Please note well: Table portions are persisted in the table script 'Table Portion' by row and column numbers. Do not delete or move any of existing rows or columns once the script is in use.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Ian Cox (SAS) who kindly revisited the AddIn user interface.

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