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Sudoku Solver Add-In

A JMP add-in to create, edit, archive, load and solve classic (9x9) Sudoku puzzles such as can be found in the daily newspapers, in published compendia of brainteasers, and on the internet. An interactive board is supplied into which the user can enter puzzles via a point-and-click interface and/or import and modify examples from an archive, and then instruct the program to solve them. The algorithm combines the application of logical rules with recursive speculation where necessary to resolve both straightforward and relatively sparsely-populated starting configurations. Solutions to most brainteaser-level problems are delivered within a couple of seconds, whereas problems requiring a moderate degree of speculation are usually resolved in well under a minute. The "Golden Nugget" problem (included within the supplied archive of sample puzzles) which has been described as one of the most difficult configurations known, takes about 75 seconds. Where speculation is required, progress can be tracked on a "graphic equaliser"-style display which shows the changing level of recursion, together with values of the cells being explored, in real time. The user can modify parameters governing the performance of the algorithm, and the board can be copied to either the journal or the clipboard at any time.


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