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Student Add-In

Minimum version: JMP 16.1


The JMP Student Subscription includes a Student menu item with options for launching the various teaching applets, demonstrations, and calculators found in the Sample Index (under Help > Sample Index). It also includes an option for setting JMP preferences in a way intended to support classroom use.


This add-in adds the Student menu to JMP or JMP Pro so that those not using the Student Subscription can still make use of the menu. Once installed, the menu item will appear between Graph and Tools.


Do not install this add-in if you are using the JMP Student Subscription.


Currently available in English only. 



Student Menu Screenshot.png



This is amazing, however,  I have found a small error:

CITwoMeans.jsl line 345 should have sd1^2 instead of sd1^1

The final CI is correct, but the reported pooled standard deviation is not because of this minor typo.


Thank you very much for reporting this, @ParametricLlama. We'll get on it.

Can the fix given by @Ross_Metusalem be implemented and posted here? I would like to install the app in a computer lab setting where students will be using it for HWs and exams. Thanks!

Hi @SeasonalGopher5. The add-in doesn't actually contain the calculator scripts; it launches scripts that are bundled with the standard JMP install, so the fix will come in an update to JMP instead of here. We currently have it slated to come in the 17.1 update early next year. Email me at if you'd like the fixed script before then.