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Staff (Retired)

Six Sigma Menu

Use this prototype to launch JMP platforms to support the Six Sigma.

The sample menu file adds a new menu item labeled Six Sigma Tools to the JMP default menu system. Under the new menu item are analytics that fit each step of the DMAIC roadmap.


JMP 11 and JMP 12 Six Sigma Menu Add-in use SixSigmaJMP11-12.jmpaddin

JMP 9 Six Sigma Menu Add-in use JMPSixSigmaTools.jmpaddin

JMP 7 Six Sigma Menu Add-in use JMP7_6Smenu_070926.jmpmenu


Would anyone know if any of these add-ins function with JMP12?



Yes, the add-in will work for JMP 12. I updated file name for clarity.

Leo Wright

JMP Principal Product Manager

Great Add-In. After I downloaded it, it installed in about a second. Seriously.

And Thanks Leo for writing it.


Leo LTW ,

Just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the Visual Six Sigma book !

Any plans of releasing a 2nd edition?

Maybe add transactional chapters from the Service sectors (BPO, banking, IT, Telco)?

- wishful thinking

- Randy, JMP Newbie.

We tested these menus with JMP 14.2 in May 2019 and they work fine with that version of JMP.  

nice Visual Six Sigma

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